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White Light Meditation – Powerful Guide To Natural Healing

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Have you been suffering from insomnia or pain, feeling down or felt unmotivated to do anything at all? Maybe you have been seeing the doctor or even tried to read some motivational materials to pull your focus back again but seem unable to get the healing or results you want?

If this sounds like you, perhaps you may like to try light meditation. Meditation is a technique widely used to bring about inner calm, focus and stress relief. Did you know that it can even bring healing especially with light meditation?

White light meditation, or Jyoti Dhyana as it is called in Sanskrit, is an intense meditation technique that allows you to tap on and maximize your natural healing capacity and wellness potential. 

Each of our bodies has the capacity and ability to self heal. It is part of our genetic ability. Using white light meditation will allow you to focus your energy into the holy aspect of healing which will expand and purify through your mind, body and spirit. 

Sounds mystical? Let me explain. Think about what you would do when you get hungry. You will think of food, how to get the food either by making it or buying it and then eating it finally! Did you realize that you just do it naturally like breathing without thinking too much? Your inner thoughts lead to verbal expression and then physical action. 

White Light Meditation - Powerful Guide To Natural Healing

Just like how human thoughts can lead to certain positive or negative habits, we are focusing our energy inwards and deeply into this white, healing light that embodies and purifies us. The more we focus on this intense healing light, the more we manifest ourselves into wholeness! Our minds, bodies and spirits will be aligned harmoniously as one. 

One plus point about this light meditation is that it can be practiced just anywhere and if you are a very busy individual with very little time, this form of meditation works the best for you! You can do it whenever you feel you have a need to de-stress or increase your focus. 

The benefits of light meditation are many and some of them include improving your focus and overall well-being, increasing your motivation and confidence as well as empowering you for better endurance. Want to nail these benefits?

Let’s start right away with an easy step by step guide to light meditation!


A. Warming Up

1. Before you get started, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for an hour or so and play some soft and soothing background music. You may like to use a cushion to make yourself more comfortable.

2. Begin with sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Place one of your hands on your solar plexus, right below the chest and the other hand on your sacral chakra, where your belly button is. 

3. Close your eyes and turn your attention towards your breath, allowing your body to relax as you take the deepest breath that you can. 

4. Slowly inhale through your nose and then release it out of your mouth. 

5. Imagine a warm healing white light that is shining brightly around you and each time you inhale, you are absorbing this healing white light of peace and tranquility. Allow this to flood through your entire being.

White Light Meditation - Powerful Guide To Natural Healing

B. Deeper Focus

6. Release the negative emotions by exhaling slowly. Whatever has been weighing on your mind, body and spirit – let them go. The worries, stress, pain, discomfort and sadness etc. As you exhale this negativity, inhale and embrace the healing white light. 

7. Imagine this healing white light coming from the heart of the universe and it is being channeled through a pair of warm, healing hands. Whatever resonates most strongly with you will be the perfect visualization scenario. 

8. Allow the healing white light to enter into your body, right through the top of your head. Let it penetrate your skin, bones, organs and blood. Allow it to pierce and purify every cell in your body. 

9. Let the warmth of the healing white light to expand through you, allowing it to penetrate and purify each individual chakra. 

10. Start back at the top of your head and guide the light through each individual part of your body. Through your head, neck, to your arms, chest, hips and then to your thighs, knees, calves and feet. Relax and let the light work its magic. 

11. Allow the white light to flow upwards from your feet. Back through your calves, thighs, and up through your stomach and chest. Then back to your head, filing your headspace with the white light. Let it swirl around in your head clockwise and then explode out through the top of your crown.

White Light Meditation - Powerful Guide To Natural Healing

C. Total Release

12. You might feel a peaceful, tingly sensation throughout your body. You might also see images, different visualizations or experience different auditory sensations. All of these are good things.

13. Let go of any negativity and things that do not make you feel happy or serve you in any way. Push them into the radiant white light and watch as the healing white light dissolves them into nothing.

14. Embrace the growing lightness in your body as the white light purifies and dispels the darkness within you. 

15. It is alright to feel emotional at this point of healing. If you feel like crying, just go ahead without holding back. Accept these emotions and allow them to wash through you. Release them – you will feel so cleansed, light and free!  

16. As the meditation comes to an end, allow yourself to relax and feel the warm healing light within your solar plexus. Place your hands against your solar plexus and feel the energy here. Move your hands in front of your heart in Namaskar Mudra (hands clasped in prayer above the heart) and offer thanks for the healing.

17. The meditation has ended and you may go to rest or sleep. 

There are so many things we face everyday – household chores, work assignments and health issues etc. When left unattended in the realm of darkness, the effects of the daily grind become disruptional to our lives. Practising light meditation regularly helps us to manage our daily lives better and more effectively. You will feel a complete sense of peace, calmness, confidence and acceptance with yourself. Keep meditating and move on!


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