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How to build positive energy

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In the science of today’s world, there is much more negativity being spread around rather than positive energy – would you agree? We see so much on social media nowadays. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. This theory applies to both tangible and intangible objects. 

Principles in physics and chemistry show that tangible objects such as a pen or shelf are made up of billions of individual atoms. Atoms are mini balls of energy that interact and bond with other atoms into many forms including metal, wood pulp, water and other raw materials used to manufacture tangible objects. 

Intangible objects are made up of energy too. These are our thoughts and emotions; positive or negative, they can also interact and bond with other atoms in our physical environment. 

Research has shown that our brains are a form of intense energy that can be easily detected with medical equipment. It demonstrates a correlation, how this energy works with our physical environment in a similar capacity. Albert Einstein first discovered this phenomenon in 1935 by experimenting with quantum mechanics – activating one particle created an instantaneous response in a corresponding particle somewhere in the universe. 

Have you ever wondered when you think that the day is going to turn bad, it eventually turns out badly with many hiccups? 

Or have you been thinking of a friend and that same friend calls you suddenly?

How to build positive energy

These occurrences are definitely not a coincidence – our thoughts and emotions can affect our future. Easier said than done, right? It does not mean we ignore the problems we face or our emotions as to how everything is not working according to what we planned. It basically means that we acknowledge the turbulent waves that are going on in our lives and this is the first step to focusing on the good that will eventually come. 

As we learn how to release and control the influx of negative thoughts and emotions, the positivity index increases and attracts good to materialize in our physical environment.

Here are six ways to help you build positive energy. 

1. Hang out with positive people

I think you would have realised by now; the people who are always bubbly and never back down from challenges. Birds of the same feather flock together – this is true. When you are with optimistic or hopeful people, they transfer their positive energy to you and you will find that soon, you become less depressed and more solution-focused. Choose wisely who you allow into your social circle. 

2. Take a break

Sometimes, our minds and bodies become affected and exhausted from all the negativity so it is good to take a frequent break to maintain our mental and emotional well being. Do something that helps to relax your mind and body. This could simply mean taking a nap or doing a hobby that you like. 

3. Do good deeds

Do you agree that when you perform a good deed, it instantly makes you feel happy and good about yourself? Hold the door for someone who is coming through, tip the delivery rider or help a stranger to carry groceries. You will be surprised at the definite and positive shift in the energy you attract.

How to build positive energy

4. Engage in vigorous exercise

Research has shown the positive effects of vigorous exercise on our psychological and physical health. Some benefits include elevated mood, improved sleep, higher energy levels and focus. A simple 20-minute daily workout is sufficient to reap all these benefits! 

5. Positive self talk

Whenever you feel down, read or watch inspiring quotes and videos. In the midst of reading or watching them, take the keywords and repeat to yourself. Better still, if you have a favourite quote, say it to yourself in front of the mirror every day. It prepares and sets you up for success through positive energy.

6. Give compliments

Showing your appreciation to someone makes them feel good and valued; at the same time, you also make yourself feel good. They may even give you compliments in return and help you see yourself in a better light about strengths that you are not consciously aware of, boosting your morale in the process. 


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