4 WordPress Maintenance Tasks You Should Perform Regularly

Running a website is, in many ways, much like running a business. Behind every successful site you visit, there’s a lot of work that goes on in the background to keep things running smoothly. Without that regular maintenance, your website might not be able to achieve its full potential. The good news is that WordPress […]

When to Use a One-Page Website

Most websites contain a lot more information than you might realize. Even the simplest business can end up with a site consisting of several pages, providing contact information, details on its services, and more. In some cases, this multi-page approach works well. However, you’ll often run into situations where a one-page website is a better […]

10 Key Email Marketing Trends 2018

What does 2018 hold for email marketing? When the Email marketing and digital trends for 2018 are discussed. Ross Sibbald from Striata urges you to ask yourself the question: “Am I implementing these in my overall marketing strategy and do they help get me to my goals?” Here are the 10 Key Email Marketing Trends […]

8 Web Development Trends For 2018

Since its implementation, the internet has continued to evolve. In its early days, Mosaic and Netscape Navigator helped to democratize it, and since then each new year brought new concepts, new ideas, and trends, sometimes good, sometimes bad. One of the lessons of all these years of change and new trends is that to succeed, […]

Introducing The 10cs Of Modern Marketing Mindset

The 10Cs of Modern Marketing Mindset Reflect on the 10Cs and how you might score yourself for each one. Understand that each of these characteristics can be cultivated through purposeful effort.  1 & 2. Customer-centric and commercially focused At the core of the marketing mindset, marketers must balance customer centricity with a commercial focus. 3. […]

How To Grow Your Local Business During Uncertain Times

No doubt this is a hard time to grow a local business. Coronavirus has likely forced you to make big changes to the way you operate. It’s almost certainly hit your bottom line too. However, it’s still absolutely possible to grow your local business at a time like this. You just have to be smart […]

5 Content Marketing Trends To Keep In Mind For 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress around the world, it’s important to continuously evolve your content marketing strategy—now more than ever. What is 2021 going to look like for content marketers? Is there any way to get prepared? Let’s dive in now to these 5 content marketing trends for 2021.   1. Competition Is […]

Google Ads wants advertisers to give broad match another shot

Broad match keyword suggestions will start surfacing in recommendations Google is going to start showing new recommendations for switching to broad match in Google Ads. “If you’re using Smart Bidding, we’ll identify existing keywords that are likely to improve performance if you switch them to broad match,” Google said in a blog post Monday. For […]

3 Ideas to Blow Out Your Content Competitors

Three things to learn from this week’s examples: Suspenseful storytelling isn’t limited to Halloween. Consider how social media can help your SEO. And, you can teach your audience how to do what you do – and still stay in business. Here are those three things we noticed this week. link here : https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2020/11/volvo-drybar-audiense-semetrical-marketing-examples/