Lead Generation Collaboration – 5 Huge Advantages

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] In today’s business environment, it is so competitive that if you do not participate in collaboration for lead generation, it’s gonna be very challenging to gain that edge. Notice how even companies have changed to foster the collaboration culture in the office.  Traditionally, offices were built individually and everyone had their own […]

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – 4 Bonus Tricks For Beginners

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] ClickBank is another major affiliate marketing platform besides Amazon. It is well known for becoming home to thousands of digital products like videos, e-books and software etc. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing platforms, ClickBank serves as a marketplace for both sellers and affiliates so they can make money together without complicated paperwork hence […]

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – 3 Important Steps

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Amazon affiliate program is possibly one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms. Affiliate marketing is widely useful for people who want to earn extra income at their own pace and without reporting to a physical location. Today we are going to focus on Amazon’s affiliate program aka Amazon Associates.  Amazon Associates […]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – 3 Great Tips

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] I am sure many of you heard about affiliate marketing but what exactly is it and how does it work? A lot of people say affiliate marketing is the new passive revenue stream and is probably one of most popular monetization strategies because it has a low entry bar and there are […]

Monetize Your Webinar – 4 Best Strategies

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Webinars are everywhere nowadays and you must be wondering how do those presenters make money from them? It seems wherever you scroll through Facebook or Google etc, a webinar ad or invitation pops up.  They are a cost effective way to showcase your value proposition and generate qualified leads for your business. […]

YouTube Monetization – 4 Popular Blueprints

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] YouTube monetization is one of the highly popular monetization platforms as it is the go to platform for all sorts of videos. You see many people going to YouTube videos be it for cooking, baking, music fitness and etc. Either you are the one uploading the videos or you are the one […]

Blog Monetization – 5 Effective Strategies

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] With today’s technology and affordability, blog monetization has never been easier. When blogging just started in the 2000s, creating a website probably would cost thousands of dollars for a basic one and tens of thousands for a more decent looking website. Not to mention, it would cost money to maintain the website […]

LinkedIn Monetization – 6 Best Practices

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Did you know that LinkedIn monetization is possible? Though it is mostly a business network, it is not only for making “connections” but also for monetization too. It works especially for people with an established business or brand.  If you are a LinkedIn professional user, most likely you have built many connections […]

Instagram – 4 Incredible Ways To Make Money

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Instagram is becoming not only a social platform for sharing personal travel and food experiences etc but has also become a popular platform for businesses to market their products and services especially for the e-commerce industry.  The pandemic in 2020 has brought forth a surge in e-commerce and revenue in the eCommerce […]

Facebook Monetization – 4 Awesome Ideas

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Facebook is no stranger to all of us but it is not just a social media platform. If you have a Facebook page with some level of following; it doesn’t matter whether you have a website, there are many ways to monetize or make money from it. In short, Facebook monetization is […]