Trademark Valuation – 4 Best Practices Explained

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] A trademark is an intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design or impression which can distinguish products or services of a particular provider from those of competitors.  Trademarks can be located on the package, label or product itself. They and their associated goodwill, can be important legal rights supporting brands. As […]

Intellectual Property Valuation – 4 Best Practices

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] As technology continues to advance and drive global economy in the millennial age, many companies, especially the technology-based ones, are discovering that intellectual property (IP) occupies a lion’s share of their value. Examples of intellectual property are brands, patents, copyrights and manufacturing processes.  Guidelines and regulations regarding the valuation of intellectual property […]

Business Valuation Explained – 6 Best Practices

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Business valuation is a general process of determining the current economic value of a company or an asset. It is used to determine the fair value of a business for many reasons which include sale value, taxation, establishing partner ownership and even divorce proceedings. There are a number of techniques for performing […]

Startup Valuation – 6 Competitive Methods Explained

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Business valuation is never straightforward and there is no “one size fits all” method. It is the analytical process of determining the current (or projected) worth of an asset or a company. There are many methods used for doing a valuation and this applies the same to startup valuation. In fact, it […]

Business Development Process Consultancy – 4 Great Reasons

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Business development is a crucial part of any business. According to Oxford’s definition, it is the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization; by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services. You may ask “How does consultancy help my business?”  […]

Company Incorporation in Singapore – 3 Important Steps

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Company incorporation aka setting up a company in Singapore is easy and hassle free. Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world for doing business.  In one of Business Insider’s articles, it was stated that Singapore not only has business-friendly laws and flexible immigration policy, it also […]

Corporate Tax Services – 5 Great Benefits of Engaging A Professional

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Tax services are getting highly popular nowadays. Do you find yourself getting a headache whenever it comes to filing business taxes for the past year? There can be so many requirements and it differs from country to country.  Sometimes it is better to hire tax service professionals to handle and prepare your […]

Accounting Services – 4 Powerful Benefits

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] More and more companies are engaging accounting services. Why? Many small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups find it challenging to hire an accountant, especially one with the right skills and experience to handle all their bank account operations, financial statements, analysis of financial data and issuance of invoices etc.  Nowadays, combined with the […]

Business Development Collaboration – 4 Important Pillars

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Business Development Collaboration? Never really heard of this term before or there is not much information on this particular topic…It is something that not many firms are putting into use yet but time and technology has proven its ability to be a highly effective method in business development. When we talk about […]

Payment Gateway 101 – Easy Quick-Start Why And How To

[lwptoc width=”full” backgroundColor=”#f7f7f7″] Many business websites have either product or service offerings and especially for the former, it will be more convenient to set up a payment gateway. Why a payment gateway? With the booming e-commerce trade and many people turning to online shopping especially during the pandemic, it is so crucial to have a […]