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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We Create Mobile Apps So Your Business can be in the palm of your customers

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Our Design & Development Process

Chakra Suria relies on our years of experience, accrued over countless projects, to evolve our methods into a finely-tuned process. We are keen to work with you to understand your business and adapt our frameworks and methodologies to suit your needs. This approach will ensure that your end products are delivered on time, both effectively and reliably.

We analyse your business objectives to propose the best mobile technology and features to suit your budget and timeline. Our experience in building hundreds of apps can definitely contribute in ensuring your product development journey smoother.


We visualise your idea with clickable prototype comes with graphical user interface. Get notified for any update and leave comment for each page of the prototype. We believe in collaborating with customers can build a greater product


We built mobile apps with Native SDK or React Native that provides best user experience. Each app includes post go live support with integration of Google Analytics, Fabric and mobile attribution platform.


Provide scalable and high availability mobile app backend that can power millions of users with flexibility to integrate with your backend.

Case Studies

Delivery APP

JomDeliver is a business to handle last mile deliveries for courier companies. Its designed to allow riders to register and help deliver items in their neighbourhood

Hawk Rent A Car

Hawk is a 40 year old company in Malaysia who do Short Term, Monthly and Long term Rental. With a fleet of 800 cars they need a mobile app to ensure their clients could book from anywhere easily. The mobile app was designed so it was simple enought for a quick booking which increased new bookings by 300%

What We Build For

Culture Makes the Difference

Teamwork and learning is a very important part of our company culture – we develop apps and software, but we also believe in developing people. Our team thrives on challenges and we rise to the occasion as one. Because yes, we want to create great products, but it is the smiles that our products bring to the faces of clients and users alike that makes our pursuit all the more worthwhile.

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